MIPT department of general physics

The Department of General Physics is the main point of contact for scientists and teachers on the one hand and students on the other. Close cooperation with the department is the key to a constant influx of young employees, as well as continuous self-improvement of group members working with students.

MIPT laboratory of high-energy physics

Close cooperation with the laboratory of high-energy physics allows for direct contact between education and the scientific community, without going beyond the bounds of MIPT.

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Laboratory actively cooperates with JetBrains in introducing Kotlin into scientific programming, teaching Kotlin and developing libraries on it.

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JetBrains Research

The software development group is a part of an international scientific association JetBrains Research.

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Department of experimental physics, INR RAS

Very close cooperation is being maintained with the OEF of the INR RAS in the framework of the Troitsk nu-mass and KATRIN collaborations, as well as in terms of training qualified personnel for work on the NICA experiment and in other accelerator experiments. Within the framework of cooperation, both scientific and educational tasks are implemented.

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Beam Laboratory, INR RAS

The Laboratory of a Linear Accelerator Beam Laboratory of the INR RAS is responsible for wiring and diagnostics of the accelerator beam, and is also developing the beam diagnostic systems used around the world. The group runs several joint educational projects with this laboratory.

Scientific and educational center, INR RAS

Some of the students participating in the group study at the Scientific and Educational Center of the INR RAS.

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The group is involved in the mathematical modeling of electrical discharges in the atmosphere.

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