Scientific software

Modern experiments in particle physics are inconceivable without special software, which is required both at the stage of the experiment and data collection, and in processing the results. The development of scientific software is an additional, but significant area of work for the group.

DataForge, an automated data processing system

DataForge - is a modern platform for collecting and analyzing data, designed to automate data processing in physical experiments and not only.

Experimental Kotlin math library

An experimental Kotlin library for mathematical operations, built on the principle of context-oriented programming using mathematical abstractions.

Repository and documentation

Plotly.kt wrapper library for kotlin-multiplatform

Plotly.kt library wraps popular Plotly frontend library and allows access to it from Kotlin-multiplatform (both from front-end and back-end) as well as kotlin jupyter kernel support and other nice things.

More detailed description is available in the project repository and on the special page prepared by Ekaterina Samorodova.

Muon Monitor experiment data analysis model

Modeling and graphical visualization of muon registration in the Muon Monitor experiment written in the Kotlin language.

Repository and launch instructions

Macro modeling for a reactor model in atmospheric physics

Macro simulation for the reactor model in the physics of electron avalanches in the atmosphere in the Kotlin language.


Programming in experimental physics

It is no secret that conducting and analyzing data from a modern physical experiment at almost every stage is connected with the work on computers, with the development and use of various software. In such a situation, the approaches used in the development of programs and the quality of these programs become very significant.

The Laboratory of Nuclear Physics Experimental Methods at MIPT, together with JINR, is organizing, with the support of JetBrains Research, a regular seminar on the development, support and use of software in experimental physics.

Workshop topics:

  • Software problems in physical experiments and ways to solve them.
  • The use of modern IT methods in scientific software.
  • Reviews of specific science packages.
  • Development and discussion of new tools and methods in scientific programming.

Participation is free. A video broadcast (TBD) will be conducted.

Applications for participation with the report as well as questions can be sent to

Some issues related to the seminar can be discussed in the telegram channel of the laboratory.

Actual information available here.