Nuclear physics methods laboratory

The group was created in 2015 on the basis of the Department of General Physics, MIPT, several laboratories of the INR RAS and with the support of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics, MIPT. The purpose of the creation is the development of methods for conducting and analyzing data from experiments in the field of particle physics and nuclear physics. In addition, members of the laboratory are engaged in the implementation of modern information technologies in experimental physics and education.


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Contact information



Lev Vladislavovich Inzhechik

The group leader.

Professor, Department of General Physics, MIPT. Laureate of I. V. Kurchatov prize. Veteran of nuclear energy and industry. The official expert of Rosatom on isotope technologies. Member of international physical experiments: GERDA — search for neutrinoless double beta decay of Ge-76
EMMA — experiment with multimuon array
Mu-Monitor — investigation of cosmic muon fluxes in underground labs LSC

Scientific interests: neutrino physics and methodology for underground low-background experiments in nuclear and particle physics.

More than 100 scientific publications, including:


Peter Klimai

Deputy head of the laboratory

PhD in Physics and Mathematics.

Head of MIPT-NPM work on software for the BM@N experiment.

Evgeniya Morozova

Laboratory administrator.

Grigory Koroteev

MIPT teacher.

Mikhail Zeleny

INR RAS postgraduate student. MIPT teacher.

The head of the working group on modeling physical processes.

Anna Zelenaya

INR RAS engineer. General Physics teacher at MIPT.

Almaz Fazliakhmetov

Postgraduate student.

Team leader on muon monitor.

Andrey Vyborov

MIPT postgraduate student. Teacher in General Physics at MIPT.

Head of the solar neutrino background working group.

Alexander Svetlichny

Researcher at INR RAS, PhD and researcher at MIPT, teacher at general physics department at MIPT, deputy head of the scientific programming master program.

Researching Monte-Carlo modeling of relativistic nucleus-nucleus collision under supervision of I. Pshenichnov. Develops new approaches to education.



Egor Stadnichuk

Laboratory researcher. Postgraduate student at the Higher School of Economics.

Head of Segmented Satellite Detector. The main participant in works on atmospheric physics.

Timur Khamitov

MIPT student. Medicine detectors and applied physics.

Daria Zemlianskaya

MIPT student, atmospheric physics group. Engaged in modeling processes in atmospheric physics.